Nobody has lived on that lot since around 1948
  "The field land [on Bear Mountain] is leased to a close by neighbor, Jamie Hipp, who runs dairy cattle on it," said Rickey Carter, the spouse of Glenda Brownfield Carter. "There is no real house on the Bear Mountain ranch. The old house that Pauline's family lived in was changed over into an animal dwellingplace numerous years prior is as yet utilized for that reason. "," he said. "There is no power, and they needed to convey water from a spring for family use. "The forest area is overseen by us all," Rickey Carter said. "We are investigating building fire paths and doing wood stand enhancements by specific reaping and new plantings." Despite the fact that Sue and Glenda never lived on the Bear Mountain ranch, they do homes for sale cleburne county have recollections of it. "Our soonest recollections of the ranch incorporate seeing slopes and gorges that might possibly look great to others, yet that we find as a wellspring of motivation to recall our legacy of individuals who buckled down, utilized what they needed to endure and adored the land and nature," Sue said. "This homestead has been critical to our family from the time it was the possibly wellspring of endurance for our mom's family when she was growing up … through the buy by our granddad Brownfield, who raised cows there for a long time to enhance his pay … lastly, as this ranch turned into the fundamental kind of revenue as our daddy logged and raised cows there. He cut logs until he was in his mid-80s." Glenda said the family is "presently in another time with the ranch. Regardless of whether it is developing trees and cows as previously or some other ranch try, we trust the youngsters and grandkids of William Chester and Pauline Hearst Brownfield remember they are the relatives of individuals who endeavored to earn enough to pay the rent, who cherished the land, nature and their Lord, and who, much under critical conditions, figured out how to endure." Sue and Jim Glover have two little girls: Daughter Sandie and her better half, Sampson Wildmon, have three kids — child Freelin Wildmon, 21; girl Faith Wildmon, 18; and little girl Felicia Wildmon, 17, who has a 6-month-old child, Ryatt Stubblefield. Little girl Amanda Callens has one girl, Kiera Jennings, 16. Glenda and Rickey Carter have two children: Son Bradley lives in Springdale with his significant other, Belinda, and youngsters — little girl Bailey, 11, and child Bryce, 7. Child Brent lives in The Woodlands, Texas, with his better half, Amanda, and little girl, Addison, 1.

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